It may not have been a pleasant experience to climb up on the snow and ice covered roof of cold winter day, but it is amazing having high speed internet again!


  • Router was dead on arrival
  • Latency of 110 reduced to 35 milliseconds
  • Bandwidth went from 8/2 to 100+/20 Mbps

It seems my inbox has exploded recently and this morning I wanted to declare email bankruptcy. Being a developer, I of course want to automate all things and Apps Script made this incredibly trivial to accomplish. …

Last week I wrote a simple Github Action(google/secrets-sync-action) to copy secrets to many different repositories. The motivation was simple, as a maintainer of a Github organization with many repositories, I wanted a way to copy a token for the googlemaps-bot to all of the necessary repositories.

JavaScript(TypeScript) Action

It was a surprisingly…

As a Developer Programs Engineer at Google, much of my work is focused on client libraries wrapping API endpoints for third party consumers. While we have great tooling to autogenerate client libraries from gRPC definitions at a layer above the default generated code, not all of our APIs support it…

On multiple occasions over the last couple months I have experienced the phenomenon where the rules of SemVer are bent to avoid a major version. One such case is what I am calling the marketing problem.

There isn’t anything BIG enough to warrant a major release.

And with that, I…

Recently I have jumped back into JavaScript and web development. This was after nearly three years focused on backend applications and infrastructure using tools such as Go, Python, Redis, Kubernetes, and Bazel. With this stack, our build system worked great and my team was confident in its releases. …

UPDATE: The following code is now a package published to NPM at @googlemaps/ogc.

A Web Map Service(WMS) is a 20 year old standard for serving georeferenced images over HTTP. Google Maps allows developers to add custom map types. Let’s see how we combine the two!

Before jumping into JavaScript, we…

tl;dr: Bazel is an invaluable tool with some momentum. It is needed by more than just the largest tech companies in the world and you should use it.


The most noticeable and consistent part of the conference was that all of the attendees seem to be dealing with the same…

Here at Descartes Labs, we have been using the microservice architecture in building out our platform. If you are unfamiliar with microservices, they are a collection of independent services often communicating over HTTP or GRPC. Check out Martin Fowler’s 2014 article for more information.

One of the challenges in using…

Justin Poehnelt

Developer Programs Engineer @ Google

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